Hayah - Salam Single Muslims!

From Insha’Allah to Alhamdulillah.

"I definitely recommend it to all the single muslims out there. Easy to use and user-friendly."


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Selfie Verified Profiles

All new profiles must undergo a verification process. This ensures that the person is using their own pictures and is not trying to deceive anyone.

Privacy Protection

Worried about uploading your photos on the internet for anyone to screenshot and save?

Worry no more. Our iOS app has some clever anti-screenshot prevention technology which may or may not be powered by AI-driven machine learning algorithms. Go ahead and try it out.

Download the app and try to take a screenshot of another user's profile to see what happens.

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No Limit Is Better Than Unlimited

Unlike some other money-grabbing apps in the Muslim marriage space, we don't artificially limit your profile views or the number of people you can chat with daily.

You can use the app as much as you want, even on the FREE plan!

Search Filters

Already know that your partner must be Sunni or Shia Muslim and within a specific height range?

Fine! You can find your ideal partner using many different search filters. This helps you find exactly who you are looking for faster!

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Clear and Fair Pricing

We're not VC-funded, so maximising profits is not our primary goal (unlike some other apps in this space).

We're a small but growing service focused on providing the best app for anyone looking to find a Muslim partner for marriage.

Hayah is 100% FREE to use.

An optional subscription at a reasonable price provides access to more advanced search filters.

Safety First

We want to build a service where all our users can feel safe. We are not shy about banning profiles that don't adhere to basic Islamic principles.

Anyone out of line will get instantly banned, even profiles with paid subscriptions.

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Muslim Made

Why yet another Muslim-focused marriage app? Because competition is good for everyone.

Insha'Allah it'll benefit the Muslim community to have better apps in this field that work and cater to their needs.

Hayah will never sell your private data to anyone, and we don't track you around the internet.

We just want to provide the best possible app in this space!

But Is It Halal?

We'd like to believe so.

Modern times require modern solutions. Hayah focuses on the needs of the Muslim community, which is why we built this app around Islamic principles.

Hayah is for finding a partner to marry, not for dating.

Anyone using Hayah with the wrong intentions will be permanently banned.

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